Thursday, June 22, 2006


Way up in the sky

Way, way up in the sky is where Ray - an electrical engineer - went yesterday to replace our Anchor Light, Deck Spotlight, remove the Hailer speaker, and install a line for our courtesy flags. The top of our mast is about 65 feet above the water and that little dark spot on top is Ray doing his high wire act. What percentage of the world's population do you think would willingly climb up there?

Standing safely on the dock are Jones and Phil (a fellow boat owner), and of course me, taking the picture.

Then, while all this activity was going on, the holding tank pumper guy came by for the regular weekly pump out of the heads. So much manpower working on the boat at the same time - whew! I had to hide in the cockpit and knit on my shawl to stay out of the way. Can't a gal get any peace and quiet around here?

Pumping the heads - love the hat!

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