Wednesday, March 21, 2012



003What's wrong with this picture? It's a large, soft hammock swinging gently in the Caribbean breeze on the bow of our sailboat Niki Wiki. We're still tied up to a mooring ball here in the West End of the island of Roatan, Honduras.

The problem? Well the hammock is EMPTY! Where are our guests? Soon...very soon we'll have 2 additional honorary cruisers here on the boat. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Thar she blows!

NIKI WIKI after the big stormAfter idling our way through two weeks of glorious sunshine and soft Caribbean breezes we got slapped with a ferocious "Norther" storm. This was the same storm that beat up the mid-western United states - it just kept going and hit us down here in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Our little fleet of about 25 boats got slammed by winds howling in from off the ocean of up to 35knots. The seas were huge and the waves were crashing against the reef and rolling into where we all were either anchored or moored. Weather forecasters had missed the call on the wind direction, intensity, and duration of this storm. But it is over. The photo of our homeship Niki Wiki above was taken yesterday from fellow cruisers Mike and Neila on the catamaran At Last which is moored directly behind us. If you look closely you will see that there is actually two rainbows with one very faint one above the lower rainbow.

Socks 005
Socks 006Of the 6 boats at anchor, 5 of them drug their hooks, but thankfully nobody went all the way up onto the beach. The wind forced the rain to squeeze into every tiny crack on the boat. For two days and nights we lurched about on the boat. It was even too rough to knit! So we both got a lot of reading done.

So all that I've accomplished lately are just these two little pairs of toddler socks for the baby orphanage in Kazakhstan.

Today is sunny again and the tradewinds have dried out the cockpit. Jonesy and I enjoyed getting off the boat to go grocery shopping and wade through the muddy puddles of the sand road in the village of West End. And yes, I got in the water today, but just for a little bit to go check out how our mooring is looking after that big storm. There is some fraying of one of the splices on a line and the big 6-foot sand screw is leaning in a new direction, but it looks like we're OK. Several other boats weren't so lucky and two boats actually went adrift. The water was murky so I just did my survey of the mooring and got out. Tomorrow is another day.

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