Friday, June 09, 2006


Niki Wiki (the feline) hanging on...

Hard to see the (black) cat in this picture, but this is where Niki spends about 23 hours of every day - sleeping on the arm of the black leather sofa at our son, Ryan's, house. Funny, he never hung out on the arm of this sofa when both he and the sofa lived at our house. But this is in the center of Ryan's living room so I guess Niki wants to be where everyone else is hanging out. Poor old thing...since it's June, I'm officially declaring him to be 19 years old - that's like 96 in human aging.

Since Ryan is going to Kenya in a few days, my nephew, Jon will have to be the primary caretaker of old Niki for a couple of weeks. Hope he continues to hang on. (Niki I mean, Jon is just fine)

On the boat front...Niki Wiki (the boat) is doing fine. With the help of our friend Bruce, we turned the boat around in the slip so that Jones could work on the davits on the back of the boat from the dock. That's the farthest this puppy has traveled since we started living aboard. Soon, yes, soon we'll go out to explore the San Diego Bay. We bought charts of the bay so we know where the dredged channel is located - very important because this south end of the bay is VERY SHALLOW - only a few feet deep! Bruce has even run aground in his dinghy out there!

We also mounted the ring buoy that the folks at Siemens gave me when I left working there - they all signed it too! So there it is hanging on the aft (back) deck pulpit (rail).

Knitting... Been working on the Pacific Northwest shawl and have only 8 rows to knit on the body. Then I'll be turning the corner and knitting the shell edging. Tomorrow, Saturday June 10th is Knit in Public Day and I'll be joining a San Diego group over in Balboa Park.
The shawl still looks like a rumpled jumble of yarn - until I stretch out a section, then I can see the patterning. Not too much longer....

Then what's next?? A UFO project. I'm going to try and alternate working on a new project then an UnFinished Object project. But which UFO? There are so many.

Knit on...

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