Tuesday, September 04, 2018



Juvenile Blue Whale Skeleton (photo by Lance Wallace) 

Yep. I love having my picture taken next to a whale skeleton. Why? Because I look so "petite" in comparison! It's not often that works out that way in photos.

Let's see, where was this taken? Blue skies, whales, dry grasses, trees, sandals, no sweating (low humidity) and my friend Sally. Sound good? Yes, it is California, specifically beautiful Santa Barbara at the Natural History Museum in town. We made a special trip to the museum because they have a wonderful display of Native California Indian basketry primarily from the Chumas Indians. Displayed in the Chumas Hall you can peer at these up close to see the intricate weaving. Unfortunately, my camera was out of battery but you can click on the link to see more.

I had a lovely week with my high school buddy out on the coast of California in July. It's amazing and comforting that after all those years apart, raising kids, pursuing careers, etc. we can get together and just pick up the friendship we had so many years ago. We share the same perspectives and values so that conversation was easy and oh so fulfilling. Now I am really biting at the bit to get our boat sold and move back to the West Coast where I belong with my old friends. Imagine, there were fresh oranges in the fruit bowl from the trees in the back yard! Yesterday here in Florida I had to pay $1.25 for a single naval orange.
Boho triple wrap bracelet

Sally had picked out a crafting project (!) for us to try together. We enjoyed a few hours of hunting for beads in a couple of small shops right at the beach - and of course picking up some REAL California style Mexican food at a small tienda in another coastal town. Yes. I ate the whole dang carne asada burrito in one sitting.

Secret Burrito hot spot
We spread our project supplies out on the coffee table and taught each other how to make these using some instructions that Sally had found. We picked up and worked on these intermittently during my visit whenever the mood struck one or both of us. There are many free tutorials for this sort of bracelet out there on the web.

I LOVE my bracelet and have been wearing it often this past month. Thank you Sally for inviting me to play with you!

Inspired by the success of a new crafting endeavor, I next tried to make an orb ornament with wings. This is a shameless copy of some I've seen on the internet. It's just thumbtacks stuck into a styrofoam ball with wings pinned on and a cord loop for hanging. I think it is something in the Harry Potter books for a game.
Anyway, I sealed the whole thing with craft varnish to ensure that the tacks stay put. I can't believe that I made the whole thing without stabbing myself even once! So, that was fun....what's next?

The Beekeepers Quit hex-puffs
More leftover sock yarn knitting has begun. These are hexi-puffs that are individually knit pockets, stuffed lightly with unspun wool. The pattern is available on Ravelry The Beekeepers Quilt. So far I have made 30 of these cuties and am about 8% done with what I need to create a warm afghan. Since there is no pressing deadline for these, I can just relax and crank out one or two in between other projects or when I'm out and about, waiting somewhere.

These socks were finally finished for dear husband Jonesy after being on the needles for over a year. The yarn did all the patterning for me, all I had to do was actually pick up the needles and knit. So, we lost one of his brand new hand knit socks in the laundry (grrrr), and another pair from 2006 bit the dust after being darned many times, so he needed these replacements for when it gets cold (as in below 70 degrees).

One of the projects that I took to California to work on during "quiet times" (like when I finally stop talking), was this Celtic Lattice Vest designed by Oberle. I had purchased her yarn at a knitting event many, many years ago, and finally started this in 2015. When I took it out, I noticed that not only did I not like how the stitches were so loose, but that I had also TWISTED at the join to work in the round. AGH!

So, I patiently sat and unknit (tinked) back all of the 5 rows of stranded colorwork knitting to where the work switched from flat (back and forth) after the hem to in the round. Using smaller needles, I have now worked back to where I was 3 years ago.

Actually, it's all good because as I have lost some weight, it would have been rather big and now will fit me better.

Life is good.

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