Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Socks & Socks

Okay, here's a pic of the "Jaywalker" socks that I finished for my niece Kelley. She picked out the yarn from the 15ea 100gr skeins of sock yarn that my dad brought back from Germany for me. It's interesting that the chevron pattern in this sock produces a rather inflexible, tight fabric compared to plain stockingette stitch. The stitch also created a very tight gauge, and the increases and decreases were tiresome. These really took a lot longer to knit than most socks.

I started the "Here Comes the Sun" socks below. The yarn is a bright yellow Opal Prisma sock yarn and the pattern is from our "Knitting Surprise" group. I turned the pattern on the leg around 45 degrees so that the "rays" of the sun are on the sides of the leg rather than on the front and back. I prefer to have the patterns on the sides - is that old fashioned now?

It was gray and in the mid-sixties again today. I woke up kinda groggy and just felt like I needed a quiet day, so I read a little romance novel, did a few loads of laundry, then knit.

Jones was a busy guy. He repaired the bow pulpit - pulling it up and repositioning it. Then he tightened the life lines around the boat. The cable guy showed up in the afternoon, so next, Jones worked out the cable TV and cable internet connections (I heard some really bad words this evening and eventually he called our computer-smart son who solved one of the problems instantly). Yesterday, Jones repaired the steps that we have on the dock to board the boat. They were quite wobbly - but no more - solid and safe now.

Knit on...

Hi Terry! Glad to read that you're enjoying yourself. The socks look great! And I'm showing Dave the picture of your yarn stash. "Yes, dear, I know I have a lot of yarn and we have a small house, but she has way more yarn that I have, and she lives on a BOAT!" Happy sailing and knitting! Cindi (from Guild)
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