Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Fair Isle Hats - or what you can do with leftover yarn

Okay - so what do you do with some odd balls of Dale of Norway Heilo left over from teaching a color knitting class? Well - you can knit a couple of fair isle type hats! These are two of the little hats that I created last year - I've sold a few and given a few more away. My challenge was to use up ALL of the leftover yarn which was pretty tough given the strange color combinations.
Anyway, this was fun...


Funky Chicken Tote

Well, here is my first attempt at knitting a lined purse - I call it the "Funky Chicken Tote". It is made from using 2 strands of yarn held together (Lion Brand Fun Fur & GGH Berocco) to create the chicken feather effect.

It is lined using Lorna Miser's "Silver Linings" workshop techniques. I took her class thru my knitting guild last year and was so excited about the possiblities that I whipped up this tote bag - and it won 2nd prize at the California State Fair last year!! If you ever have a chance to take Lorna's workshop at one of the big knitting events (like Stitches and TKGA) you should go for it!

This tote has now been donated to the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) to use in their upcomming silent auction. I really hope somebody likes it enough to bid on it - or at least donate some money to CCI and try and find a home for this unusual item.

Back to knitting on my felted bag - just wish the fingers would work faster - and I didn't have to go to work each day so that I could get more knitting done.

Soon - oh yes - very soon...

Monday, June 27, 2005


Felting is my new "Bag"

Well, I always turned my nose up at the felted knitting projects - way too simple and suitable only for beginners. BUT, now I'm hooked! It all started with a little workshop thru our knitting guild (Camellia City Stockinettes) that I took just for kicks. We knit up a little tote - about iPod or cell phone + credit cards sized - took it home - and felted it. What a blast!!! Now I'm on my fourth bag in 2 weeks. Bag #2 was commandeered by my husband for a high school graduation gift for his neice. Way too much fun!
Pics to follow....

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