Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Where am I? Back in the USA that's where! Jonesy stayed on the Niki Wiki in Mexico and I flew up here to Sacramento for a visit and to take of business necessities. So, here's a pic of socks-in-progress (a la the Yarn Harlot) in the empty Puerto Vallarta airport. You sure can see that it is the slow season as far as tourists are concerned as I had the place all to myself.

After a very pleasant trip to Mexico City (smoggy), then Cabo San Lucas, and finally up to Sacramento, I arrived tired, full of free booze and ready to relax at my sons' house. When my luggage whirled around the baggage carrier I said outloud "I smell cows!". Nope, not cows. Dogs. More specifically dog poop. Yep, there was most certainly fresh dog excrement smeared all over my suitcases. And not only mine, but also many of the other passengers' as well. The airline had packed a dog into the luggage hold and he/she had "bowel issues". Thanks. A squirt with the garden hose and a good scrubbing with Lysol and my luggage is ready to travel again.

KNITTERS! So many knitters and friends- I'm in heaven! My good buddy, Sandi has been driving me all over town and up into the foothills to visit yarn shops, go to the knitting guild meeting, and other knitting get-togethers.

Friday night we stopped in at Knitique in Elk Grove for Knit 'n Nosh Night - what a great group and Danielle the owner is a real sweetheart. We knit and ate until almost 11:00 at night! We were having so much fun! Saturday was the Folsom Knitting Get-together at a local coffee house. It was so great to see all my knitting buddies again, I sure have missed everyone.
And we spent a morning at the Roseville Maidu center with a senior knitting group.

Then, last night, was party time with dinner out with Lorna Miser, Beth, and Sandi. We got to fondle yarns and works-in-progress for Lorna's new book - it will be fabulous!

Whew! Such a whirlwind tour - and of course, I have icky business to take care of too as long as I'm in the states. But that can wait - I'm off to Knitting Camp tomorrow in Wisconsin - Whoooo hoooooo!

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