Sunday, June 11, 2006



Jones was robbed this morning while taking a shower in the marina men's locker room!! The creep took his wallet, shorts, undies, "La Paz" t-shirt, WALLET, KEYS, toothbrush and electric razor. What is strange is what the thief left: the ditty bag that everything was stuffed into, hairbrush, dental floss, long pants, shoes, and dirty sweatshirt. Huh? So from these clues we can guess that it's a Male, Bald (didn't take the hairbrush), shaves, but doesn't floss his teeth.

You have to have an electronic key fob to get into the locker room so either the thief is a boat owner or he "tailgated" his way in with another guy (not Jones). Just on the theory that the creep would throw the wallet away after he took the $12 inside, we dumpster dived all around the marina and into the public parks on both sides. I even went into the public restrooms to check the trashcans. Since it was Saturday yesterday, the trash cans are all full to overflowing of picnic trash, dirty diapers, yuck!!! No Luck. So...we called the police, then cancelled the credit cards. Now Jones needs to get a new driver's license, and keys to everything. Of course, we're changing the lock on the boat.

Jones wants to snuggle the guy with the front bumper of our car at 50 mph. Hmmm...the thief has the "clicker" to our car too so he can just cruise the parking lot clicking away until the car answers him. Well, that's grand theft auto - a felony - and I doubt that a petty thief would do that anyway.

The good part is that this was a non-violent crime, Jones is fine - just pissed as hell. We can go on with our plans.

That's bizarre! I'm glad that it seems to all be in order. I am intrigued by Jones idea of "snuggle".
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