Monday, May 10, 2010


Honduras is heavenly

We are alive and well in heavenly Honduras. Not the mainland, but out here in the famous Bay Islands of Honduras - first Guanaja and now Roatan. What can I say? It is simply drop dead stunningly beautiful here.

Here's a quick photo (Jonesy) of how we are connecting to the internet today and how I can post this blog entry. We are hanging out on the veranda of the Fantasy Island Resort, buying beverages and using their Wifi. This is one of the most comfortable spots we've had for internet this cruising season - plus we get to use our own computers.

I'll post more later - it's been a long day already, but we'll be here a couple of weeks so expect some tales about our Caribbean adventures.

Oh...and I just took this photo of what is just off of the veranda where we are sitting right now...

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