Saturday, June 17, 2006


Impulse Knitting

Sometimes I just can't stop myself. I know I should finish up the current knitting projects, but then I have a brain spasm and go dashing off in another direction. This time is was the DNA cable hat for a friend of mine. No, I didn't make up the cable design - that was done by June Oshiro and can be found as the primary design element in "Dr. Montville's Double Helix Seaman Scarf:
I simply used the cable design to create a beanie. I knit a panel of the cable design with garter edges, then grafted the ends together to make sort of a headband. Then I picked up stitches along one edge and knit the top part of the beanie. Voila - got hat. The yarn is Reynolds Harvest - 50% wool, 40% acrylic, and 10% Alpaca. This project has been lurking in my head for months then yesterday for no good reason just popped into the forefront of my brain, sparked a neuron, got adrenaline going, and the beanine was born.

In the planned knitting arena...I finished the "Here Comes the Sun" Opal socks.

I turned the pattern on the legs around 45 degrees so that the "sun rays" were worked up the sides of my legs.

So, because I must have (need or I'll go stark raving mad if I have to wait in a line with no knitting), a sock project going at all times to sit in my carry-along basket, I started a simple ribbed sock in a wild yarn that my dad brought back from Germany for me. The colors look like a mix of citrus (lime, lemon and tangerine) with a honeydew melon tossed in. This was my mindless knitting while I manned our stall at the Chula Vista Marina Marine Swap Meet this morning.

Oh yes, we were up before the chickens this morning to unload our boat gear and other stuff at this event. Yesterday, I whined that our gas grill on the boat was too small, too hard to light, and didn't keep an even temperature. So we (when I say "we" with boat stuff it usually means Jones did the actual work) disconnected the little grill and added it to the swap meet pile.

And to prove that whining does pay...check out the pic of my new grill!!!! It even has a table with a cutting board in front!!!! I can't wait to grill up something tasty!!! I'll be cooking all the time now!!! Wait, maybe THAT'S why Jones agreed to replace the grill. Have I been "Had"??

ROFL! You've been happened to me too. I thought I was being so smart getting rid of the old useless grill until I realized about a week later that I had been subtley manipulated into opening the door for a superfantastic replacement grill. Those men!
Nice grill! You've been had. But then again, who am I to talk. I let the hubby get a nice grill (by "let" I mean I didn't complain too much when he spent the money for it -- just a little to keep up the pretense). Now every time it is hot here, I get the neat idea to grill instead of heating the house. And he does the work. *laugh* He's been had.

Now if only I could get the grill attached to a boat instead of just sitting on our back patio.
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