Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Longest Line of Baby Socks

Official count = 12,262 Pairs, and 1,289.5 meters long!!! Somewhere in these photos are 13 pair of little socks that I knit for the longest laundry line of handknit baby socks. For more pictures and a video go to


Yes, I know it's all in German, but you can get the drift of what's going on anyway...

I've got 8 "shells" done on the border of the Pacific Northwest Shawl with only 20 more to go. I was curious as to how they would look against the body of the shawl because I changed the pattern from all garter to stockinette except for the edging (adding a few short rows to compensate for the difference in row gauge). But I do like the garter stitch shells - it emphasizes the border pretty good.

Knit on...

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