Monday, June 12, 2006


Already over it...

A new day...we've canceled the credit cards, been to DMV this morning to get Jones a new Driver's License, bought replacement shave kit gear and new shorts. Life goes on after the theft. We're back on track enjoying the sunshine, cool breeze, and taking advantage of rare day when the 2 slips beside us are empty so that we can take a full-length picture of our boat, Niki Wiki.

So here she is. And another picture of the aft deck with the dinghy hanging from the new davits that Jones installed. Now, because of the pulley system, it only takes one person to be able to haul the dinghy out of the water and up high - away from thieves. Apparently the most common theft in other parts of the world for cruisers is the dinghy because they really want the outboard engine for their fishing boats. So you have to haul the dinghy every night and lock it up. So now we're set.
The electronics are going to be installed next week - Yippeee!: new radar, chart plotter and a pedestal mount for all this gear. The chart plotter will show our position on a screen (like a car GPS).

So for Knit in Public day, I joined a group here in San Diego. They have been meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month for 10 years now!! What a special group of knitters!!! It's a small world too. There are only 68 knitters in a small online Opal Sock Kit group I belong to and two of us met at this event! Bobbi recognized the socks I was knitting as the "Here Comes the Sun" kit from this group.

Here's a picture of some of this group knitting in the park. I'm on the left, sitting on the ground, knitting, and gabbing (they go together). That's the Pacific Northwest Shawl that's in my hands. I finished the last few plain knit rows of the body. Started the shell edging last night - it's all so simple really but looks complicated.

It was so comforting to be in the company of "like-minded" folks who share my passion for fiber arts. There is a common thread that makes it so easy to begin talking, sharing, and learning from each other immediately. No, I don't remember many of their names - but I can match the knitting project with a face! I guess it's like how doctor's recognize their patients in the hospital - "oh the kidney infection lady or the fractured leg man". I know them as the "Encore crayon colored baby afghan lady, or the prayer shawl gal".

Knit on....

Boy, you and I are on some kind of pair. You are finishing Pacific Northwest Shawl and I'm about to start it.
What is the Opal Sock Kit group and how did I miss it?
Hi Terry,
I just love reading your blog and seeing your sailing/knitting adventures.
Thanks for all the patterns.

Knit on.... ;o)

from Knitique
Hi there fellow "surprise" knitter. I wish I had gotten a look at your shawl, I was admiring the color but was too taken away with our "in common" group. Hope we can do a mini knit together one of these days; I am retired, time on my hands. And I want to see the Pacific Northwest Shawl!! I am considering doing it myself before knowing you were doing it.
Bobbi, AKA Bobbisocks
The PNW Shawl is just beautiful. I know what my next lace project will be. I have had the pattern for years. I bought some Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool. The color is wonderful. I hope the yarn is okay. I haven't used it before. If you ever tie-up in Coos Bay, OR, call me. Love to meet you.
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