Wednesday, December 13, 2017



Really? Has it been two years since I managed to post anything? Yes. It's true. I could blame it on the hot coastal weather including 3 hurricanes, health (getting old sucks), travels, deaths in the family, boat preparation for selling, non-adventurous living in the USA, and pure laziness and it would all be true. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Black Cat Beanie (design by Sandra Jager)
 Because I'm just so chuffed with finishing this recent knitting project I just had to shout out to the world. Aren't these cats wonderful? They remind me of the siamese cats in Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" movie. No, I didn't design this one, Sandra Jager did and it's a free pattern on Ravelry.

I used Knit Picks Palette (100% wool) fingering weight yarn because I still have so many colors in my stash.

Because I have just finished a massive boat beauty enhancement project I felt I deserved some recreation time. Those dang cushions on the salon settee had to be reupholstered and it was much cheaper for me to do it than to send it out. I'm free labor. It was a long, tough job and my fingers ached but they turned out great!
Ribbon Candy Ornament 

Since it is the holiday season, I whipped up another Ribbon Candy Ornament from some Lion Brand Bon-Bons yarns. This little guy is only about 1 1/4" tall. Oh! Notice the beautiful wood work he's sitting upon? Jonesy and I have been working on exterior boat beautification as well. Our son, Brett suggested that we should add a gloss coat to our semi-gloss finish wood and he was right. It looks much better now.

Life cycles sneak up on us. Now, we rely upon our son to make us lists of the projects we need to do to the boat to get her ready for sale. We have been reporting back to him on our progress. Somebody needs to keep us old folks accountable for our time. We do tend to just drift from one day to the next.
Generic mittens for a kid

The mission to supply kids in the orphanages in Kazakhstan continues to absorb my time and yarn stash. Although I've slowed down in the count of pairs of socks, mittens, etc. I'm still churning them out. Those dang other crafty endeavors distracted me. But I'll never abandon knitting or these kids.

As long as my sewing machine was out of the storage unit, I sewed up a couple of my favorite accessories for my knitting friends. This first Double-Pointed Needle Case is a prize for an online Knit-a-long on Facebook. There are two rows of pockets in various sizes for needles and a measuring gauge, and misc. tools of the trade.

Double-pointed Needle Case
Inside pockets
So, that's some recent highlights. We're still living on the boat, but are making plans to trade her in for a land yacht (Motor Home) and travel to Alaska and Canada and wherever we want to go. Home will probably be in southern Oregon. But, plans can change.

Thanks for looking! I'd love to see comments of just "Hi" so I know whose still around.

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