Thursday, May 25, 2006


He did it!

Here's my baby boy, Brett on his Graduation day from California State University, Chico this past weekend! He majored in History with a declared minor in Biology. What a guy!

Jones & I drove up from the San Diego area to Chico which is in Northern California - an all day drive for Brett's graduation. We slept at my older son's house in Sacramento. Another 1st - the parents crashing at the kid's house! Life is a series of passages - and we have now moved into another phase of our lives. In fact, Brett called our cell phones a couple of days after we left Chico because he wanted to make sure that we made it home OK. Actually, we went to my dad's house in Palm Desert for a couple of days. Check out the picture of us with Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage in the valley below. What a view!
So now, it's Thursday afternoon - we're back at the boat, and diving right into our electronics upgrade project. Oh - Knitting - Yes!
I finished the shawl for my sister knit from banana tree yarn.
I had picked up the yarn at Stitches last year and wanted to experiment with it. Well, I did. No, I won't knit with this stuff again. It was a very poor quality yarn. Overspun, DIRTY, highly variable material. There were actually shredded plastic UPC codes in the varigated skeins. YUK! And HAIR, long black human hairs spun into the yarn.
The shawl is inspired by the Pi R Square theme - but no arcs. Instead, I knit the triangular back, then increased out to get a wider upper back - arm coverage as my sister is short and quite, quite well endowed. I then bound off the back neck and continued straight down to create a couple of long front pieces that she can drape or wrap around.

On the needles: Finished one "Here Comes the Sun Sock" and am working the gusset of the 2nd sock.
Also, started a "Pacific Northwest Shawl" by Fiber Trends in a laceweight merino - yummy!

Knit on...

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