Friday, June 02, 2006


Be VERY careful...

Be VERY careful how you ask a strong-willed 3-year-old what yarn he wants for his new cardigan. Years ago, I told my youngest son, Brett, that he could choose any yarn in the nice yarn shop we were shopping in for his new sweater. He looked everything over and finally, enthusiastically picked out a KELLY GREEN ACRYLIC yarn!!! Agh!!! Now, some moms would have tried to talk the kid out of this choice, but we were struggling with a very strongwilled kid and I had to choose my battles carefully(like not letting him wear the Harley Davidson shirt my sister gave him to his first day at the Southern Baptist preschool in Georgia). Thus, I knit his sweater - a horseshoe cable pattern with this yarn.

Obviously, he loved his sweater. This picture was taken in his pre-school - no, I didn't know it was picture day that day. He choose this outfit; the mustard yellow teeshirt, the too-small pastel shorts, and his favorite sweater. All that really counts is that his mommy knit him a sweater with his chosen yarn.
Knit on...

what a great picture!

/takes a breath

What a great picute and sweet story!
god im awesome.
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