Sunday, May 14, 2006


My man has a BIG

Engine. A really big, blue diesel boat engine; 350 cubic inches, 130hp, and 6 cylinders. We were having a stinky odor problem in the boat and Jones was searching for the source. First, he played with both of the toilets...nope, they were stinky but not big stinky.

Thinking that perhaps the 2 giant batteries were "off-gassing" he pulled up the floor hatches and...EEEEWWWWW....the stink was incredible. There was also about a gallon of water combined with a little oil stewing in the bilge. Highly fragrant, stagnant bilge fluids.

So he donned his rubber gloves and dove in. Why do I like this man best? Because he took care of the stinky situation immediately. We are now relatively odor free.

We had a great time yesterday at a picnic given by the Chula Vista Marina here - meet lots of nice boat folks, drank free beer, boogied to the oldies, sat in the sun. A great day! This was the only sunny day that we've had since moving onto the boat. They call it the "May Grey" - then we move into June, and the "June Gloom". The marine clouds move in every evening - and stick around most of the day.

On the knitting front, I finished my nieces Jaywalker socks and my Koigu Charlottes Web shawl.
Pics tomorrow...

Knit on

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