Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There he goes...the bathing beauty. The figure walking along the dock is Jones trotting off to take a shower as part of the daily routine. Yes, we have 2 showers on the boat, but I need to do some intense scrubbing before we use them. Plus, on shore you can run the hot water as much as you want!!

Also, here's me posing up on the bow (pointy-end) of the boat in my new Koigu Charlotte's Web shawl.

Oh, that's another chore on our "to-do" list - the bow pulpit (rails) need to be tightened. We'll have to pull up the railings and reset the screws as some have been stripped out of the wood.

The SUN CAME OUT!!! Yippeee!!! Good thing 'cause I'm knitting on my "Here comes the Sun" socks with Opal Prisma yarn today. I started them last night while watching TV. You know, the 26" flat screen TV that every boat needs. No, we are definitely NOT roughing it.

The shawl looks great on you!
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