Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Koigu Charlotte's Web Shawl Finished!

I had lost this shawl last December when we had to super clean the house to put it up for sale and just found it again during the move to the boat. I KNEW it was somewhere safe, just didn't know which closet I had stuffed it into to hide.

Anyway, I knit the last few rows, and did a picot edging instead of the fringe suggested inthe Koigu pattern. Thanks to someone (I can't remember who) who used this eding on her shawl about a year or two ago. I'm just not into fringe - and this shawl is for ME.

First, here's a picture of it stretched out during blocking so that we can see the lace pattern. Next, the crumpled mess as it comes off of the needles before blocking.
This is it, spread out on the dining table in the "salon" of our boat. Not too attractive at this point, eh?

And.... next is the shawl stretched & blocked on the "V-berth" of the boat. A perfect fit! A "V" shaped bed and a triangular shaped shawl. So that's what V-berths are good for!! Please ignore all the stuff shoved in the berth - that's what V-berths are also good for - for storing those bulky "what do we do with it" items when moving aboard a boat. Eventually, we'll have to find permanent homes for this stuff so that our guests will have a place to sleep.

We drove over to the north side of San Diego yesterday to take the 6-person life raft in to the marine store to be refitted. Hopefully, it can be serviced and isn't too old. Otherwise we'll have to shell out big bucks for a new one. This is one of those boat items that you hope you'll never need to use.

Weather report: gray and in the 60's still. We saw some sun yesterday when we drove inland to shop at Trader Joe's.

Been reading up on the fishing in this area and can't wait to get out there and snag an albacore!!!
Knit on...

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