Friday, May 12, 2006


How Much Yarn?

How much yarn could a yarn-hog hog if a yarn-hog could hog yarn?

Good question. Lots of yarn...carts and carts of yarn. Here's a champion yarn-hog moving a cart of yarn onto her boat. No, this isn't all of the yarn - it's only about half of the masses of yarn. Folks suggested that I may have to tow additional dingys behind my boat to transport all of my yarn. Sure, this looks like a lot of yarn, but now that I'm retired it will be knit up so fast. Shoot, I may need to order more!!

So, I know you're wondering "where did she put it on the boat?" The answer is...behind the settee in the salon - or in land-lubber talk, behind the sofa in the living room. Check out the photo below for the massive quantities of space bags stuffed into the huge storage area. The cusions of the settee will cover up the holes. I can easily access these bags later.

Well, we had the sewage holds pumped this morning, and the electronics guy just came by to figure out our solar panels, new chart plotter navigation system and a power inverter. All things that will make the boat more safe and comfortable. We got the toaster oven working, microwave, and heads (potties). More later...gotta run to the marine supply store...

knit on...

I am so very envious that you are living your dream. This is what comes of planning well, organization and good clean living. I know that it is not a gift of the gods, but dang. I'm still envious!

I hope that you plan on keeping up the blog. Be sure to include photos of the places you've been. That will add to the frosting.
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