Monday, January 15, 2007


Up at Dawn

Here's the beautiful sunrise over the La Cruz anchorage looking towards Puerto Vallarta this morning - yep, we were both awake before the sun rose today. Why? Because we had an appointment at the Immigration Office at 9am to have our thumbprints added to our new FM3 Permanent Resident Visas. It's a long and unpredicatable bus ride to Puerto Vallarta, so we headed out early. Good thing, too. We were a mere 10 minutes early. Now we just have to wait a few more days for the completed documents.

So, the other day we made the trip by bus up to Punta de Mita - the famous surfing spot. No big whoop. We weren't too impressed and decided that this isn't a place that we'll visit again. But we did take the obligatory "Jonesy on the Beach" photo. The bus ride was interesting though, just 2 lanes winding along the coast through jungle at first, then into the windy bushy land of the point.

Before we left, we shopped a little at the weekly market in the streets of La Cruz. It was just everyday stuff - I was really hoping for some handicrafts, or handspun wool (yeah, right).

Oh! We're semi-famous for a day! Check out the 'Lectric Latitude Photo of the Day January 15th

And, I'll leave you with a photo of the entire yarn selection at WalMart in Puerto Vallarta!!! That's it!! If you want Red Heart ack!rilic in these few colors then you're in luck.

Morning! I just wanted to say, I stopped by your blog last of those random "next blog" things, and I love it! I just took up knitting myself, with a fair amount of beginner success, and my husband and I have considered the sailing life after we're done with the army life. We're most likely going the small-farm route, but we can SO relate to sense of freedom and adventure that comes with sailing.

Hope you both have a lovely week!
How interesting that the Red Heart is one shelf above the toilet seats!
I love reading about your sailing adventures. I just finished the Fake Isle hat. Love your colorways.
Happy Sailing!
been awhile i no lol i tagged you check out my blog ...
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