Thursday, December 07, 2006


Chacala, Mexico Photos

You can click on any of the photos to launch a larger size if you'd like to see details!

1) Palapas (restaurants with thatched roofs) line the beachfront in front of the coconut palms. We had lunch in one and paid about $3 each for full plates of shrimp, rice, beans and fresh corn tortillas - Yum!

2) Beachfront with lava rocks

3) One of the many colorful houses in Chacala
4) A Bromeliad growing up high in a tree! See the pink blossom?

5) "Dangerous Curve" roadsign - covered in jungle growth! The matching sign on the other side of the road was knocked to the ground - and a replacement sign was so faded that we could hardly read it. Oh well, you had to slow way down for the giant potholes anyway. Only in Mexico.

Kicking back today - have knit up about 7 inches of my "Harry's Golf Vest" for a pattern sample. Last night I spent some quality time in my hammock thinking about my next knitting projects. Socks for sons? Shawl for me? Finish up something from my "in-process" locker? So much knitting - so much time! Manana.

HI Terry - Still enjoying your blog. Especially nice since y'all are just ahead of us, so I can read about all the coming attractions. We are currently anchored in Mazatlan off one of the little Islands (Isla Venado) and planning to head into El Cid for a couple of days to wash off the salt. Probably on Tuesday we'll head to Isla Isabela, then San Blas and Chacala, planning to be in La Cruz for Christmas. It sounds like you will still be there when we get in, so we'll stop by to say hi!... Melissa, Greg and Matey on s/v Pacifica
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