Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year!

It was party time again at Philo's Bar in La Cruz. Here's a pic of Jonesy gabbing with the skippers of the sailing vessel Walkabout, Stu and Anne (yeah, that's my knitting on the table in the foreground). And a pic of Danny and Deborah from the beautiful sailing vessel Cyclades dancing to the music.

Well, the dang pelicans managed to bend our wind indicator at the very top of our mast when they tried to sit there. True, I enjoy watching the pelicans fly and fish near our boat, but they are pests when they damage our our boat! They also sit up on the bow rail of our boat, pooping their fishy poop all over the boat. It's a little hard to see in the picture, but there are two of the beasts behind the hammock.
So, up the mast went fellow boater Cat - she's so brave - 65 feet above the water!! She repaired the wind indicator, and also lubricated stuff and inspected all the rigging. Her partner also inspected all of the rigging on the rest of the boat. A good thing too - he found a rusted cotter pin (obviously the wrong kind of metal) that was part of the supports for the mast! It was completely rusted to dust - and fell apart. That could have caused a horrible failure under sail in the future. Jones, of course, has already replaced it with the proper materials.

KNITTING: Due to a special request, I knit a scarf. A soft, 2x2 ribbed scarf made with some natural dark grey Rambouillet Wool from Wyoming. This wool is very fine micron and feels "like buttah" against the skin. This is undyed, natural dark "Blacksheep" wool. I think the requestor will like the idea that this is from a blacksheep. Very rogue you know.
I had to dig thru my yarn stash to find the yarn for the scarf - what fun!!! Fondling all my beautiful wool. There's so much opportunity crammed in those bags! Fair Isle, Lace, Gansey, shawls, sweaters....
Overwhelming - gotta go get started.

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