Saturday, December 30, 2006

The temperatures have fallen - way down to the 70's during the days and chilling lows in the 60's at night, so I've made great progress on my wool "Grass Creek Park" vest by Mabel Corbett. See? The little sheep are done!! Already, I'm planning my next 2-color or fair isle project because they are just way too much fun to do.

We had to go into Puerto Vallarta to apply for our FM3 longterm Mexican visas (to replace our 6 month tourist visas) and get our Temporary Import Permit for the boat. So, as long as we were there, we did some more exploring of the older parts of town. Check out this suspension bridge over the Cuale River - that's Jones standing in the sun over the river. Very rickety! Some boards were rotted and there was plenty of evidence of marginal repairs. Sure, they had used some heavy duty cables (a long time ago) and clamps, but it was the duck tape holding the cables together that made it so "Mexican".

Christmas Day we went into La Cruz where we are anchored for a Potluck Turkey dinner at Philo's Bar. Philo is a Canadian who has played rock n roll for years before settling here in La Cruz a few years ago. There sure are a lot of Canadians here in La Cruz - and elsewhere in Mexico. A local gringo, Russel, roasted up the turkeys, and we all supplied the other dishes. Great Food!!! Great Music!!

We have watched the yacht population grow here from about 20 boats when we arrived, up to 40 boats at Christmas, and now back down to 20. Many folks have left for the south coast, but we have to stay a couple more weeks to wait for our (better) visas.
I'll leave you with a pic of a sunset view from our boat here at anchor. Our son, Brett, says that there's no such thing as a bad Mexican sunset. With views like this - maybe we'll just hang out longer...

SO glad you're having a wonder-filled and fiber holiday! I just love your MC fair isle. Of course I know I'm dotty for sheep anyhow!
At least the cooler temps means you can "move wool". I LOVE the vest and will have to look up that pattern.
Keep exploring and know that someone in the Upper Midwest is pulling for you and Jonesy to have a wonderful New Year filled with more wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing!
Holy cow! That's tons of progress on your Grass Creek Park Vest. I better get mine out. It's been relegated to the bottom of the heap. Something to do with Christmas and a pregnant friend of mine who is now a mommy and requests for handknit socks now that the cold weather is here and ...
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