Thursday, January 11, 2007


How Cruisers at Anchor Take out the Garbage

Another day in paradise, another garbage bag that needs to get OFF the boat. In these warm temperatures, taking the garbage out is a mandatory, daily chore. But because we are at anchor it's not a simple task.

So How do cruisers take out the Trash?

Step 1. Get yourself into the dinghy first, and have someone hand you the stinking trash.

Step 2. Drive the dinghy to the harbor - far, far away. See the shoreline in the distance? Yep, we're anchored a fairly good ways out.

Here's a picture looking back at our boat - that's us in the center of the photo.

Step 3. Drive the dinghy into the harbor, try to avoid running into any fishermen in pangas driving wildly out the harbor entrance, or the dredging pipes for the new marina construction. Also, avoid getting any boulders dumped on you from the cranes building the breakwater.

Step 4. Pull the dinghy out of the water

Step 5. Keep dragging the dinghy way up on shore above the high tide line. Sure, we have those wheels that drop down at the rear of the dinghy, but it still weighs a lot and the dinghy landing is uphill.

Step 6. Start walking along the construction road towards town. Admire the beautiful homes along what used to be the beach, but is now a construction zone for the new marina. Try to avoid the dump trucks, bulldozers, and steam rollers.

Step 7. Keep on walking. Almost there...Maybe if you're lucky you'll run into a fellow cruiser and have a little nautical chat. Admire the "lake" of harbor bottom goo that has been dredged up to make the new marina deeper and to raise the level of the land. Try not to notice the smell.

Step 8. Keep hiking - round the bend and up the hill to the first "real" road - a cobblestone & dirt track.

Step 9. Almost there!!! Don't stop now - keep moving guys, walk and talk.

Step 10. Deposit trash into can or stack neatly under the tarps. Check out who's sitting at Ana Bananas.

Nope, not done yet!!

Step 11. Pay 5 pesos (50 cents) "contribution" to Ana Banana's for the extra trash pick up. Thank goodness for folks like these that provide services for cruisers. We certainly don't mind paying to deposit our garbage - it's only fair. So we cheerfully drop the coins into the jar at the bar and say "Hi" to the always smiling Ana.

Heck as long as you're there, why not stop in at Ana Banana's for a beer, breakfast, a hamburger, or on special evenings listen to some live music and eat Ana's delicious BBQ rib dinner!!

And if you're a really cool cruiser, find a pen and sign your boat name on the wall.

Taking out the Garbage is no fun for anyone, but at least we get some good company and a beer at the end of this chore!

Knitting and sailing on.....

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