Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Off task again

I am such a sucker for a new, quick little knitting project! My knitting guild in Sacramento has started a new program this year called "Lorna's Challenge of the Month" where Lorna Miser gives us a project that includes a technique that might be challenging for us. Yes - THAT Lorna Miser who founded Lorna's Laces yarns (since sold), and is currently designing knitting patterns.

January's challenge is this little
Fake Isle Hat by Amy King and is a free pattern on Mag

So off I went to dig in my stash. Of course I have Noro Kureyon in my stash - what knitter doesn't? I used Noro Kureyon in an old colorway #18 that I bought years ago at a Stitches Market. For the contrasting color, I used a white Falkland Islands single ply wool, because the Kureyon is also a single plywool.

This is a great beginners 2-color knitting project because you can really just focus on the technique, rather than having to remember to change the background color every few rows. I'm working on a fairisle vest right now and I must have "cruiseheimers" or something because I keep forgetting to change background colors and have to tink, tink, tink back to the beginning of the round.B ut the best part? No weaving in of many, many yarn ends!! Whooohooo!

So now I have a hat to add to my "Cinderella Closet" - where Istore all the stuff I knit that doesn't have owners yet. He who fits it gets it. When someone comes along in the right size - they get the socks/hat/baby sweater/whatever. As this hat is kinda girly colored, it won't do for my two sons...but there's always future girlfriends! Here's a pic of the hat drying in the afternoon breeze on our ship's compass - just the right shape and size!

Now back to working on my "real" Fair Isle vest and cabled vest projects.

Jonesy has made some new friends on the beach. These two kids now help him bring the dinghy up about the high tide line and then take it back to the water when he's ready to come back to the boat. Of course, there's always a little tip involved! We love the fact that these kids are learning how to be entrepreneurs. They see an opportunity - and they go for it. Yeah, I know, Jonesy doesn't really need the help - except lately his toe has been sore so it has been a relief letting the bigger kid drag the dinghy. The little kid is just along to be cute! So...sometimes being cute does pay! Sigh, reminds me of our own two boys when they were little.

Agggghh! There's those beastly pelicans now - waiting on the breakwater for us to go by in our dinghy so they can fly over to our boat, sit, and poop on it! Go Away!! least they keep good company with the Great Blue Heron you can see standing on one leg at the top of the rocks.

Okay, we're off to explore Punta de Mita today - a famous surfing spot a few miles from here. Another exciting Mexican bus trip!


I am so living vicariously through your blog. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
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