Sunday, December 17, 2006


Knitting at anchor & Party Time

Been knitting up a storm lately while the boat gently rolls out here at anchor in La Cruz. I finally finished the rather bright green/yellow/orange/honeydew socks that are my tote around project. Nothing special, just easy going knitting. No owner yet. I'll probably do the "Cinderella Thing" where whoever fits them - gets them.

Also, have been making great progress on the "Harry's Golf Vest" pattern sample. It's knit in one piece - so gets rather large and hot on my lap even though it is 75% cotton. It's still in the 80's here in this part of Mexico.

So, I've started another project - the "Grass Creek Park" vest by Mabel Corbett!!!! Whooo Hoooo! So far, only a small part of the corregated (multi-colored) ribbing is done, but I'm in no hurry because I love working with this Jamieson & Smith yarn. (Except I have to have it finished by Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp next July because I made a pact with Debbie last year).

Last night Jonesy and took the dinghy to shore for a party at Philo's (local gringo bar & pizza place) to raise funds for the local kindergarten school. What a feast!! For 150 pesos (about $15) we were served a buffet mexican dinner prepared by the mothers of the kindergartners. We had Chili Rellanos, Mole Chicken, Sopas, Tostadas, Guacamole, spicy beans, chocolate atole, salad, some sort of pork, and wonderful desserts.

(Nature alert! Jonesy just spotted another sea turtle swimming by the boat as I was writing this blog)
For entertainment, some of the little kids performed a folk dance - So Cute! Also, a local historic dance troupe came in and performed many dances in beautiful costumes.

We've been very social here in La Cruz. Every few days someone that we met on the Baja Ha-Ha shows up. We get reacquainted and share passage & anchorage stories. Plus, we're meeting other cruisers everyday in town or at the dinghy landing. Still - so far no other knitters.

I love reading your stories! I'm so pleased you and Jonesy are on this adventure. Gives me a goal to shoot for.

Calling all sailing knitters!!! I only know one and she is about to set sail for the Meditteranean. Next year's America's Cup will be here before we know it! Maybe that's where are the knitters
sounds like you are having fun. My mother says thank you for the gift she loves it. I think she even sleeps with it at night:) XOXO

Terry- let me know when you're in the LA area, and we'll buy you dinner. The Roketman wants to cruise when we're retired, to a 50-foot trawler-type boat. I'll even bribe you with handspun!
Ruth S.
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