Saturday, December 23, 2006


Dogs of Mexico

No, that's not a dead black dog lying in the dusty road. He is very much alive, and so is the brown dog on the sidewalk. That's just how the dogs of Mexico spend their time during the heat of midday. No, they won't bark as you walk by, they won't sniff you, they won't even lift their heads. Usually, the most attention you get is a quick, one-eyed assessment.

The life of a dog, and it's behavior is very different here in Mexico than in the USA. Most dogs seem very tolerant of people, and desensitized to the chaos around them. Dogs wander the streets kinda aimlessly, into stores and restaurants at will and simply don't bother anyone. Dogs are everywhere - either snoozing during the day or wandering around at night. It's like they belong!

We have rarely heard a dog bark with the biggest exception being the dogs owned by Americans or Canadians in the deluxe condos.

Why do us northerners allow our pets to distrupt our peace and quiet so much? Why are so many of our pets agressive towards people and other dogs? You know, it's embarrassing to me when I see an American down here with a yappy little monster pulling at the end of it's leash.

I think the calm behavior of the Mexican dogs is because it is the expectation of the dog owner. It's part of the dog's survival - act neurotic and you're outa there.

At the spur of the moment today we walked about 2 miles along the beach to the larger town of Bucerias. It was "market" day, so we cruised the stalls (mostly tourist crap, but Jonesy bought a much-needed straw wide-brimmed hat). Then, we had lunch at a small cafe - about $10 total for both of us including Cokes - Jonesy had BBQ chicken and I had a whole small red snapper fish. Of course, beans, rice, tortillas, and salad were included!!!

Caught the bus back to La Cruz where we met up with some fellow Ha-Ha alums at the dinghy landing who had just arrived last night. So GREAT to see Melissa & Greg of the sailing vessel Pacifica - (an Ericson 39)!!!! And, their well-behaved dog Matey too!!!

Okay - I'll leave you with a pic of my favorite "dogs" of all - Jonesy's feet!!!

This is one of the better cobble-stone streets in La Cruz - and of course, you can see a dog in the top of the picture.

In case you check in...Merry Christmas!
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