Monday, December 11, 2006


We caught a big one!

What the heck? Why is my electric windless working so hard to pull up the anchor in Isla Isabella?

Looks like we have a hitch-hiking ROCK neatly wedged into the exact shape of the inside of our Bruce 66 lb. anchor!!! What are the chances of that? And now, how do we get rid of this couple hundred pound unwanted guest?

Well, we figured that we would reverse the "scooping" action of the anchor. So, into the small hole drilled in the elbow of the anchor, we attached a shackle (by Terry hanging over the bow and Jonesy hanging onto her ankles) Then I latched a rope to the shackle, and Jonesy tied the rope to a cleat. As we lowered the anchor back down towards the water, the anchor rocked back upside down. Yipppeeee! The rock went straight down to the bottom where it belonged, and we still have our anchor.

Thanks to Paul & Meridee from the sailing vessel Bohemian who were comfortably anchored and thus able to photograph our latest (mis)adventure last week!!
On the Knitting Front: I finally found a store that sells something like yarn - this 100% cotton thread that says "for knitting" on the label. I'm thinking about a lacy tank top for me - something lightweight and airy. Hmmmm....

It's a good thing I had plenty of yarn stash before I left the United States as the pickings are slim in this part of the world.

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