Thursday, November 23, 2006


Gringo + Mexican Style Thanksgiving?

Ah, traditions. Yep, it isn't Thanksgiving until we bring out the long balloons and start hitting each other with them. What? You don't do that?

I don't know - that was just what was one of the activities at the annual Thanksgiving Celebration here at the Mazatlan Marina in Mexico. Brett simply muttered "I'm confused". Well, aren't we all.

Anyway, we had a tasty turkey dinner, complete with about 1/4 can of cranberry sauce on each plate, and plenty of Pacifico beer. Many folks danced to the live band that was really very good. The tables, decorated with colorful confetti and paper streamers were shaded from the bright sun (85 degrees & humid), by large blue "Pacifico Beer" umbrellas. After a beautiful sunset, we enjoyed the fireworks display. Ah, the traditional Thanksgiving celebration.

But before all the fun, we had to do some more provisioning - beer, bolts, computer parts, and various groceries. We've learned to ride the local buses which cost only 5 pesos - about 50cents each. Here's Jones fresh off the bus with his shopping cart ready to fill 'er up!

Sometimes the buses are a little scary because of the wild driving, cracked windshields, and squealing brakes. Most of the buses are decorated inside by the drivers - jesus decals, virgin mary posters on the ceiling with fringe and dangling charms, cowboy leather fringe and stitching on the gear shifter boot. You know, the usual bus decorations we are all used to seeing. It's all an adventure.

Actually, the fare is 4.5 pesos, but most drivers don't give change - we call it the "Gringo Tax". We're just too rich and/or stupid to care. What's a nickel anyway? Coming back home, we took one of the many little open-air taxis, called "Pumonias" because we had a lot of grocery bags and 3 cases of beer. They are like a cross between a golf cart and a VW bug. Some have doors, some do not. More adventure. That cost us 60 pesos - about $5.50 for all 3 of us and our goodies.

Our currrent plans are to leave Mazatlan this coming Sunday and sail to Isla Isabela which is a National Wildlife Preserve for a couple of days of birding and snorkeling. Then we plan to sail south to Chacala Bay for a couple of days, then eventually down to Punta Mita near Puerto Vallarta.

Unbelievably, I've been too busy/sleepy/hot/lazy to knit the past 2 whole days! Oh, except for the little pair of socks I always carry with me (good for the wait at the bank to exchange dollars for pesos, and at the Turkey day celebration).

I'm sure enjoying your adventures. Maybe you need some cotton yarn for the heat.
Oooooohhhh...I am SO jealous. And glad you're having a great time. Any chance you'll come back to Camp next year?
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