Sunday, December 03, 2006


The Knitting continues...

First...the important stuff...I finished the dang knit lacy tank top that I started 4 years ago! Somehow, it got put in a closet with other knitting stuff and hid for years until we got ready to sell the house and move. Then, voila! there it was - and I only had a part of one front half, and the edgings to finish.

So, I set to work - if you can call if work. I plopped myself in the hammock on the bow of the boat and knit. Whooo Hooo! Another UFO crossed off the list! We were anchored in the small village of Chacala just north of Puerto Vallarta.

This is a "Classic Elite" pattern called "9018 Premiere Vest" and is knit wth "Premiere which is a 50% Pima Cotton and 50% Tencel blend.

The breeze blows thru the tiny holes in the lace so it is very comfortable to wear in this 80+ degree heat here in Mexico.

So, we are now in La Cruz, Mexico. We came in this morning and will be anchored here for maybe a month or so. We will be riding the local bus (yippee!) tomorrow into Puerto Vallarta to check out the airport and shopping areas. More later on the wonderful sights and adventures we had on the trip down here from Mazatlan - the boarding of our vessel by the Mexican Navy, the snorkeling and blue-footed booby birds in Isla Isabella, and the quiet tropical setting of Chacala.

T- The vest looks great and the temps sound sublime! It's currently 8 degrees in WI. When will you be putting up the Christmas Tree!?!
I found your blog through the Knitting Bloggers ring and am enjoying reading about your adventure. The vest is beautiful too!
Love the vest! Glad to see you stay put for a bit, especially since you have internet access. Look forward to hearing about the Mexican Navy and trip down from Mazatlan.
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