Sunday, November 19, 2006


Victorian Lace Shawl Finished

Whoo hooo! I finished the shawl, blocked it just by hanging it wet over the lifelines and stretching a bit, then today took a picture. I hope my sister, Dana, enjoys this shawl I knit for her. She sure earned it! Because I can't eat wheat, she made me a whole bunch of wheat & gluten-free goodies for my voyages. They were delicious!!!! Carrot cake, banana muffins, cookies, cornbread, and a dynamite rice noodle lasagna. I'd knit her a shawl anyway, 'cause she's my big sister and I love her to death.

My plan is to send it home with my son, Brett, in a pre-paid US Priority Mail package so all he has to do is take it to the post office. Brett is still planning to abandon us in Puerto Vallerta, but all of the other cruisers here are working on him to stick around a while longer. Heck, why not?

T- It's gorgeous! I am thrilled to be following you on your journey and remembering (not so long ago) when it was still a dream!
Great shawl. I'm still working up to making an all over lace pattern. You'll be so proud of me... I got a big pot at the Goodwill and ordered some dyes from Knitpicks. I'm finally going to play around with dyes. Wish you were here.
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