Wednesday, July 05, 2006


She Goes Up High

Well, it was my turn to climb up on the radar arch yesterday, way up high, and re-install the rear tail on the wind turbine. I had to drill two holes in the aluminum tail (Oooo power tools!), then line up the holes on the new plastic tail, then bolt the two together. What a workout!! It took a long time to drill through the solid aluminum and holding up the battery operated drill way up over my head was an arm-killer.

Whew - I earned my "time off", so I sat in the cockpit and knit up a quick chemo cap as part of our knitting guild's community project. As a past chemo recepient and baldy, I wanted to make a summer weight hat that would come down over those little triangle spots in front of the ears where the newly shed hair leaves pale bald spots. I used to be so self-conscious about those pale bald spots - and the bald nape of my neck. So, I wanted to have a more relaxed fit around the face. They yarn is "Fantasy Naturale" 100% Cotton by Plymouth Yarn and is very soft and drapes nicely knit up on size 9 needles. This little project has been on my "to do" list for about 8 months so it was fun to be able to knock it out on a nice 4th of July afternoon.

You go girl! When do you go girl (to camp)?
I've been looking for a hat exactly like this one. Did you make up the pattern or is it a published one? Where could I find it? I have two friends I want to knit for -- have knit for but the hats are just not right and I think you've described why. Thanks for anything you can do to help. My email is I wish I were on a boat, too. It sounds so wonderful! --Sally
P.S. I just "discovered" your blog and it's now on my favorites! Thanks again.
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