Saturday, July 01, 2006


Chain Gang

Yep, we got ourselves a cart of chain - big ole chain for our anchor. 218 feet of it to be exact and weighing about 300 pounds! Big, long, heavy chain sinks to the bottom and provides additional anchorage safety. We didn't have enough on the boat to anchor in the deeper anchorages of Catalina Island and Baja California so we bought this from a fellow boater one dock over. His junk - our treasure.

Cost? $1.50 per foot used. Cost if new? $5.44 per foot plus tax!!! Who wants to pay over $1000 for chain? Not me. This stuff will last longer than we will.

The 4th of July weekend is in full swing - lots of people on their boats with parties and lots of drinking. I think I'll stay close to the boat. Oh heck, gotta confess that I hung out this evening on a new friend's boat with a rum and diet coke. But I didn't "party" - OK, maybe I did boogie dance a couple of times but that was just fancy walking.

Knitting content: Finished the little child's gansey sweater - all blocked. Still plodding on the PNW shawl. Accidently swung it in front of the fan which promptly sucked in the laceweight yarn and wound it around the blades. So, spent a half hour taking the fan apart and unwrapping the yarn. Then had to spit splice back to the shawl. Started knitting, then promptly screwed up on the stitch count. No wonder I hit the bottle this evening.

Other fiber arts: Been teaching myself how to do knot work so that I can make nets and knots for the boat. My first projects were lanyards for the lifelines. Now, I've designed and am netting a double shock cord with net to "hug" all my knitting books that line the aft stateroom. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow...

Knit on

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