Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Knitting with Dog Hair - Eeeewwww...

First, let me say that I LOVE this dog - Molly, a golden retriever who owns my friend Pam. So if I'm going to knit with dog hair, it would ONLY be from this dog. No, I will NOT be knitting with dog hair again.

This all began as a joke in grad school several years ago. I encouraged Pam to save her pet's hair to spin into yarn after we finished the program. Molly is an incredibly clean dog - gets a bath every week. So Pam saved dog hair for about 3 years. Then, I sent it down to VIP and had her spin the whole works into yarn.

Actually, she provided excellent service, and the yarn was so soft and smelled good. Well, several years later, the good smell has evaporated and now it smells, well, rather doggy.

Fast forward to today, Molly, the dog, is older and has cancer. I knit this picture frame for Pam to put a picture of Molly into it. She can pet the hair then. There's almost 3 whole skeins of yarn left - someone else can knit with it.

I'll probably be banned with the serious knitting Yahoo! sites for knitting with dog hair. But for cripes sakes - some folks knit with possum and that quivat stuff - take a look at those bit ugly smelly oxen creatures. And sheep are filthy animals too! Anyway, I hope Pam enjoys this little momento.

You're doing fine! Pam will love the picture frame! (any word on your 2.75 camp? i'm in 2 and kim's in 3! have heard that the camps had waaay more apps than spaces...) only 3 more days till sail boat time !!!!!!
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