Friday, April 28, 2006


The Sea Trial

Wednesday, we took out the boat for the "Sea Trial". This is when we first sailed her and checked her out. We hired a surveyor to come with us to check out everything too. Here's a great pic - left to right - Jones, Marshall (the past owner), and Bruce the yacht broker

After the sail on the San Diego Bay, we had her hauled out for the inspection of the bottom, and to have the bottom painted, propeller reworked, and the upper (white) areas buffed and polished.

She's a beauty isn't she? I mean the boat, not the sailingknitter below. Knit/sail on....

Terry, She's gorgeous! And the Sailing Knitter looks awfully happy, too! Got Camp 2 letter today!!!
Congrats! What a beautiful boat and what an adventure it will be. Is 'Copout' the old name or your name for her? (him?? are boats typically female?)
No need to pinch you, it's REALLY happening! You look amazingly happy. (Tease: I don't see a North Sails logo on those sails.)
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