Saturday, April 29, 2006


Knitting Train with Nancie Wiseman

Wow - Last week sure was a full week for me! On Saturday we all rode down to the TKGA Knitting & Crochet show in Oakland on the AMTRAK knitting train. What a great time! Nancie Wiseman was on board to sign her books and hobnob with the group. In the raffle drawing I won one of her books : "Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves" which amazingly I didn't already own.

As an added bonus, there were several other local
knitting celebrities and entrepreneurs: designer & author Lorna Miser, designer Vicki Suan, Julie - owner of the Knitting Diva, and Lori, owner of Somerset Designs. We all had so much fun gabbing and winning raffle prizes! Even my hubby, Jones, won a prize! What luck - it was an Amtrak Capitol Corridor tote bag with a train on it. Perfect for the boat. He wasn't going to the knitting show - he was (just by luck) going to the Sail Fest show in Oakland too! So we could use our 2-fer-1 Amtrak coupon and both have a fun day.
Then it was off to the TKGA market. Check out the photo of me with Nancie. For any KBTHers out there - I'm wearing out Virtual Conference teeshirt from a couple of years ago. "May the Fleece Be with You". Gawd, I'm a knitting nerd.
Sunday was the great garage sale at our house. There was quite a crowd and we sold a lot. Thank goodness because we sure had a lot of STUFF. Monday was work, Tuesday was a trip down to Berkeley to have our Japanese prints appraised - and - LACIS! I had never been to Lacis - lived here for 14 years and drove past Berkeley many, many times. Lacis is a wonderful textile store/museum. I could have spent hours in there. The out-of-print books! Oh my! They have a copy of Alice Starmores "Celtic Collection" for $40 if anybody is interested. I bought some netting shuttles to make netting for the boat - gonna make some hammocks for us lazy sailors!!! Knit on....

I got my letter - I'm going to Retreat 3! Woohoo!!!
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