Thursday, April 13, 2006


Funky Baby Sock - 23 days to go

Here's a funky little baby sock for the "Longest Line of Baby Socks" event. This is knit with KnitPick's Palette fingering wool. After knitting with yarn that does its own thing it's nice to get back to being able to control the color again. Albeit, this sock isn't really so much in control, is it?

Started the matching sock so it will be a pair after I get to work on it tonight after work. Only 2.25 more days of work!!! I have to finish out today, and then work 2 more days and then off we go! May 6th is our last day in the house - and in the Sacramento area. We will roll out the driveway and down the road to San Diego and the boat that day - only 23 days to go and counting.

There are workers at the house today doing some repairs on the rear deck - support beams. Finally, it stopped raining for a day so they could get this work done.
We also need to get the boat surveyed this week - Jones is working on getting someone out to the boat to do this for us. Then the boat has to be hauled out of the water for more inspections and to have the anti-fouling paint applied to the bottom.

We've been selling lots of our stuff on eBay and through Craig's List online. What an easy way to get rid of anything that has value!! Craig's List is great and it doesn't cost anything to post your stuff for sale. There's still tons of stuff to sell - so much to do - time to go knit....

Are you listing any knitting or crafting stuff? heh heh
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