Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One Potted Cat

This is a genuine potted house cat (feline domesticus).
Well, it sure beats having to go to the home center to pick up some pretty annual flowers. For an old kitty who is 2 months shy of 19 years, it's amazing what he comes up with. We have never seen him in a flower pot before today.

Today was SUNNY and Warm - in the 70's for the first time in months and months of cold rain. Old Niki Kitty has had a wonderful day sleeping out on the rear deck in the sun by the pool.

Bummer - We signed some papers today giving our buyer another 2 weeks to close escrow - delaying it to possibly May 22nd! This really puts a cramp in our plans - but what are we to do? We have sold most of the furniture and are now getting ready for a garage sale. We'll just keep plodding along. Hmmmm....should I change the ticker on my blog?

Hi Terri! Didn't get a chance to say goodbye on Saturday. I enjoyed the time spent with you and Jonesy. Learned a lot about sailing (it still scares me). I've bookmarked your blog. Vicki
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