Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yipes! Stripes! Baby Socks

Well, couldn't leave well enough alone...just had to get out some other colors of Knit Picks Palette yarn and work up another baby sock scheme. I'm calling this puppy "Yipes! Stripes!" because...well..duh.

Actually, this would be a LOT easier to knit up if I had some self-striping yarn with short lengths of color. The yarn ends on this guy were many, many, many.

Did some work today too...finished up & electronically filed my taxes a whole day early, fed the cat, made coffee, vacuumed the master bedroom and made the "bed". The bed is in quotes because all we have left is the top mattress flopped on the floor. We sold the bedroom furniture to a really nice couple in the air force. I'm glad it went to a good home.

My son came over today and took the black leather sofa, curio cabinet, and the coffee table. The house is getting really empty and our voices echo in the space.
Okay - gotta go knit the matching sock to this one before I lose my enthusiasm for the design.

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