Sunday, April 09, 2006


Yarn Dying Frenzy

Today was a good day. I had two friends over and we dyed sock yarn. It was both of their first times dying yarn and yet they made some BEAUTIFUL skeins!!!

Check out these wild color schemes. We will all have the most beautiful socks!!
These are some small bunchs of yarn that I dyed in rainbow colors - each color group is a separate little bunch of yarn. This is a 2-ply wool yarn that is then on the cone with 3 strands together - not plied. My goal is to use just one 2-ply strand at a time.
Here's a fabulous skein of deep rich colors. When this one was "cooking" it really looked muddy. But when we rinsed it out the different blue, yellow, and pink tones really came through. Can you believe that this was the very first yarn dying that Jessica did???

These are 3 more skeins - the far left is a lace weight that I dyed for a shawl. The center skein is another one of Jessica's creations and the "easter" skein is Vicki's.

Two more skeins - both are Vicki's. I love the vibrant green tones - can you see the socks that can be made with these??? Wow!

More yarn......

So...that's it! Now you know what we will be working on over the next few months/years/decades. What a blast!!!

This is Kathy who you gave a ride to camp. I've been reading your blog. Congrats on finally selling the house and making an offer on the boat. Things are falling in to place it seems which is great for you. Me, I only have 1,010 days until I can retire. By the way, the dyed yarn looks great.
Now that looks like fun! And what beautiful yarns.
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