Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Wild Baby Socks...

Just had to knit up a baby sock from the yarn I dyed last weekend. This is OPAL yarn that was undyed when I bought it. Kinda wild eh? Do you think this might scare a little baby? I like to think of it as a potential toy - the kid could entertain him/herself by staring at these bright colored socks on his/her feet.

I had so much that I needed to do yesterday, so I sat and knit a sock. Yep, that's my favorite time to knit - when I should be doing something else (taxes, cleaning, sorting thru stuff to sell or give away). I take all that pent-up anxiety and let it flow into a tiny baby sock knit with tiny yarn on toothpick sized needles. At least at the end of the day I have something to show for it!!!

It doesn't matter how much you sort and sell and give away, you'll still be keeping more than the boat can comfortably handle! Moving is always like that! Really like your sock (yarn). Happy holiday weekend!
I wish I knew how to die yarn. Am thinking that your sock looks really nice.
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