Friday, April 07, 2006



Last night we signed the papers accepting an offer from another buyer. It was a PIVOTAL moment in the course of our lives. Jones already called the yacht broker to talk about making an offer on the boat so that will be happening within a few days.

Whew! Thank you Don Alsey for your expert advice and for all of the open houses and showings!

AND...sent in my check for Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp this summer. I applied for the Retreat 2.75 with a 2nd choice of Camp 2. So excited!! I really hope I'm one of the lucky folks who get to go this year. I save up my pennies and forego all other knitting conventions (Stitches & TKGA, etc except for the markets of course) because Meg's camp is so exceptional and really fits me.

Sailing on....

Yeah Terry! (Quiet) enthusiam until the final papers are signed! I sent in check for camp 2, alternate camp 3!
W@W!!! What a fun 'move' in your life!! I just came upon my backed up blog stuff, so I was wondering where you are planning to sail?
My husband and I did the Leewards on a 42 ft Beneteau (sp?) out of St. Marteen. My FIRST real sailing experience. We hit the Christmas winds, so a couple days were dicey. We hit Nevis, St Barth's, St Kitts, 'Stacia' over the course of 10 days. We were with 1 other couple on our boat, and 2 other couples on a 48 fter. We're returning next year--Have a wonderful time!
ERlady.....maybe someday that'll be us. Although we're in to flying--we have an acrobatic plane. Definitely can't knit during that!!!
Congratulations Terry & Jones! I'm SOOOOO excited for the two of you!

If you get into camp 2.75, I may have to make a trip up just to say hello.

Congratulations again you two. It couldn't happen to nicer people.
I am so excited for you. I meant to ask Sandi about the house. Keeping my fingers crossed that escrow goes smoothly.
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