Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Got Sock. Finished up the first sock of a new pair last night. Big ole socks for big ole boys.

Well, going back tonight to the LYS to teach a little extra class on turning the heel. We made great progress Monday night - but we just need some more time together. Yeah, like I really need an excuse to drop by Frog Pond Knits!

House Selling Update: Got an offer - really low-balled on the price so we countered - dramatically. The price is great for this area so get over it. Pay or go someplace you can afford (wow - I'm really snarky today). Now I know why folks say "serious offers only" - don't waste my time.

At least someone felt it was worth their time...that's the consolation prize today.

Good looking sock! Tomorrow (Thurs) is 1st mailing day for camp! Still planning on going? Which one?
Hi Nancy!
I'm applying to Retreat 2.75 this year - with Camp#2 as 2nd choice - how about You?
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