Friday, November 10, 2006


Niki Wiki at Anchor in Cabo San Lucas!

We made it!!! After many hours of boredom and a few of sheer terror, we have safely arrived in Cabo San Lucas at the very tip of Baja California, Mexico.

All the crew is well, and the Niki Wiki performed flawlessly. We've had a fantastic voyage of 11 days, and are now anchored in the bay here with about 100 of the other Baja Ha-Ha fleet. Some of the other vessels choose to pay for a slip at the marina.

More later - the battery is running low....

Hooray!! Can't wait to hear more details!!
Yippee!!! SO glad to hear that you made it safely. I'm sure you've had a wonderful adventure! Can't wait to hear more about it.
happey to here to made it kkep up the good work did you here from the people I said to tell you hello that were going on the haha
Yay! You made it! We dry-landers have been thinking about you! :)
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