Wednesday, July 19, 2006


the Light Bulb Store?

The Light Bulb store? Isn't that kinda like the Scotch Tape store on Saturday Night Live? Well, believe it or not, we had to make a trip to this place today to buy some rather special bulbs for the boat because they all had been recently "fried" by the electrical system.
Yep, while I was away at Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp, Jones & Ray were uncovering massive & dangerous wiring issues on the Niki Wiki - to the extent that a large part of the boat was wired BACKWARDS! Yikes!! So, as they worked to upgrade the electrical systems (added an inverter), they kept coming across shorts, cut wires, and the lack of circuit breakers on some systems. Anyway, we blew out our deck lighting which are very expensive bulbs. To save some $$$ we went to the Light Bulb store instead of the marine supply house. Wow! Saved lots of money which is a good thing because I spent lots of money at knitting camp on yarn--whoo hooo!

Knitting Camp was wonderful! I'm in awe of the talent and skills some of the other campers displayed via the Show & Tell sessions. Meg, the grand Poobah of knitting, was her usual naturally charming and encouraging self. I was so inspired that I broke my yarn diet and indulged in the purchase of some beautiful yarns & accessories:

Here we are at camp - let the challenge begin!

Check out the beautiful Rose of England lace shawl that Meg knit recently - so striking!

We had access to many of the sweaters that Meg, and her mother the late Elizabeth Zimmermann knit. This is the Norwegian Rose Cardigan.

Gotta go knit!

Looks like you had a lovely time in the knitting camp
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