Monday, April 03, 2006



Whoo hooo! Hi all you Opal Chatters! I just found out that my blog is mentioned in the April newsletter so I figure, if you're like me, y'all are visiting the blogs. So Hi there!!!

And....I get a surprise ball of Opal! Coolness.

I'm teaching Sock Knitting at Frog Pond Knits tonight - class 2 and we're going to knit the heel flap and turn the heel. This is the hard session for new sock knitters, so I'm psyching myself up to deal with their frustrations. But, once they each can yell "Got Sock" at the last class, they'll be in love with the sock and will have forgotten about the pain of turning the heel - kinda like childbirth.

Sock progress: I'm zipping down the gusset in the gray socks for my younger son (see crummy scan/photo). I could have scanned it on the black & white machine as the socks are just grayscale anyway - next time I'm going to sneak in some bits of color. Ooooo...maybe a tad of navy blue???
FLAK progress: Am past the elbow on the sleeve...plod...plod...miles of seed stitch.

Still raining here -was a record year for the number of rainy days in March - 20 days!! The potholes in the roads are increasing in number every day. They can't get out to fix them because its always raining. I feel like I'm driving on an obstacle course - dodge the potholes, avoid the flooded areas, squint to see the lines in the roadway. This is like living in Seattle with all the rain except ya don't get the culture down here in Sacramento "Sacratomatoe".

Sun's gotta come out sometime, house is going to sell, and then on to the new life on the boat. Knit on...

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