Thursday, March 30, 2006


Addicted to Baby Socks

Another pair of baby socks for the "Longest Line" (see link at left). I tried something different with these on the cuff. I purled the solid blue stitches after knitting a complete round. In other words, when I get to the solid blue yarn, I knit around until I come back to the solid blue again, then I start purling. This makes raised ridges, or rings, of the solid color.

I knit the first round because otherwise you will get the gray/white yarn on the purl bumps. Then when I get back to the gray/white dotted yarn, I simply return to the knit stitch. I finished these cuties on my lunch walk today (Okay, I finished all but the toe tip and I snuck in that knitting & grafting at my desk).

FLAK Update: Yes, I'm making slow progress down the first sleeve of the Aran knit from the top down sweater. I actually am enjoying working on it. But it is not portable like the baby socks so it only gets worked on in the evenings at home.

HOUSE Update: Still haven't sold the house. Still in limbo. Still working at a "real" job. We've had plenty of folks looking at it - but it has been lousy weather - raining/storming/hailing whatever you can imagine. So not normal for March here in the Sacramento area. Please buy the house soon - I really really really don't want to do yard work!!!!

I love the baby socks! And what a great way to use up "scraps". What pattern are you using for these? Your instructions for the purls rows was a very neat idea to mix things up. Thanks.

Too bad about the house. I keep hoping that things will change for the better for you guys. We're looking forward to "following" you around the world.
I love this little sock, I'm going to use this idea for some of mine. Thanks for sharing your technique, it is so cute.
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