Monday, January 17, 2011


Jade Seahorse - Utila Island

Seahorse Utila 030
Seahorse Utila 003Sometimes we come across some real treasures on our travels, both natural and man-made. On the island of Utila, Honduras we discovered a unique little hotel called the Jade Seahorse. I was instantly drawn to this place and felt so at home and inspired that I think I could take up permanent residence.

Seahorse Utila 011Seahorse Utila 002What was so special about this place was all of the handmade mosaic, glass, cement, nautical "found" items, and wood crafts that went into creating a beautiful garden! There are meandering paths, tunnels, patios under the big trees and bridges all covered with mosaic work. Neal, the proprietor and master craftsman behind the project collects the funky artifacts and also makes some of the glass pieces himself. Inside the gift shop are stunning glass items for sale (not for life on a sailboat!). There are several cabins that visitors can rent which are quite decorative. We liked the name of this cabin - "Shagrila".
Seahorse Utila 024
How satisfying it would be to be able to express oneself artistically and at the same time provide an income. I can't imagine that I'd ever be bored - there's always got to be something more to build, add to, or change about the gardens.

So, skip the sterile and stodgy hotels and spend some time in Utila at the Jade Seahorse. It's a place you'll always remember!

Seahorse Utila 027
Neal - Proprietor of Jade Seahorse

What a beautiful and interesting place! I'd love to stay there some day.
Me too!
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