Monday, January 10, 2011


Finished Object

It's not always nap time or happy hour! We do actually get things done. Jonesy replaced the fresh water pump yesterday (making boat repairs in exotic places = cruising). I worked a few more rounds on my cabled sweater (FLAK) for the orphanage in Kazakhstan.

And...ta-da...this is a photo of the finished sweater made from the big wad of wool that I won at the Knitting Retreat last fall. The yarn is a thick & thin merino wool that was dyed in 6 individually colored hanks. I had to plan very carefully on how to use the colors and the size (chest = 36") so that I wouldn't run out of yarn! All that is left is a small ball of the darkest yarn. Hmmm...maybe a matching hat?

That's beautiful! Ohhh... and on my wish list ~ along with a sock monkey hat...
Gee. For someone who clains not to be a "real knitter" that looks REAL GOOD!! There truly is life beyond socks!!!
Have a wonderful time in the sun. We got two feet of snow last night. Its beautiful but I sure would like a rest in your hammock with a pina colada.... The sweater is beautiful.Darrell
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