Friday, December 17, 2010


Twas the day before leaving...

015Twas the day before leaving and all through the yacht,
Sweaty crew worked the chore list, last goodies were bought.

The shade canopy is down and carefully stowed,
We pulled the launch onto shore, (our lake travel mode).

The laundry was washed and hung up with care,
018The freezer is crammed and no cupboard is bare.

The dinghy's been hoisted, our arms are quite sore.
Transit papers and passports - paperwork galore.

Charts and guides have been studied, the course carefully plotted.
Signatures signed, "T"s crossed and "I"s have been dotted.

Good-bye to Marios, good-bye Rio Dulce,
We'll travel the seas and be back in mid-May.

Fair winds and happy sailing!
Save sailing from this landlubber as well. Have a wonderful, carefree Christmas. Renate
Ha ha that was cute. I don't know why, but I just love pictures of laundry hanging on the line!
Stay safe!
Be safe and have fun. Darrell
I love your variation on the Night Before Christmas! I've enjoyed all the wonderful patterns in the mystery knitting group. Hope you have many wonderful times ahead in your travels!
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